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Found a home for the Weald Classic Club's latest project. A 1967 Mk 4 Austin Healey Sprite that we prepared for sale for the owner and found a buyer for. Very enjoyable pastime during the Lock Down

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Image may contain car and outdoor


Brighton Council closed Madeira Drive during the Covid 19 pandemic to allow people to use it for exercise.

Now a small minority are lobbying to ban all motor vehicles permanently.

This would mean the end of all motor events on Madeira Drive and would mean the end of the Frosts Brighton Speed Trials as well as other events. It would also mean that members would not be able to drive to the clubhouse on a Wednesday night.

Please sign the petition to stop this madness and ensure the future of the club and its activities

 We are all hoping that the Situation will improve shortly and we can all meet up together soon. Hope all are keeping safe fit and well.
Weald today.

As of the beginning of June there has been very little action to report.There have been a couple of Virtual Club meetings via the Zoom platform, there are 2 more booked one for Tuesday 9 th June 7.30pm and   14 th July 7.30pm both kindly hosted by The Jaguar Enthusiast Club allowing us to use their License that has no time limit.We have some content and are still looking for more for the June meeting only a week away. The subject is vehicle related images with a story behind them, the provider will be invited to present the story. (this is not mandatory if you just wish to observe that is fine please do so.)It will be up to the membership to come up with content for us to fill the  July meeting with. Please send Ideas to
One or two of our members have been involved in a couple of projects, more information to follow. Nick ...and Ian... have been looking at a vintage Triumph Roadster.
Fred Bone has been involved with a 1967 Austin Healey Sprite that will shortly be coming up for sale.
We are going to come out of this and when we do we can enjoy our Monthly Meetings, Breakfasts and Drive and Dines once again


Weald June Continued

Charirman’s natters

Being locked down has meant that we have not been able to enjoy our Pride and Joys and hope it will not be to much longer now before we can enjoy them and meet up.

I have very little to report and just hope everyone is staying safe and well and the cars are all ready for the start when it eventually comes.

Your committee have been working hard during the difficult times to try and keep the members together virtually (Big thank you to those that organised and to those who attended the Zoom meetings. 

The new website is now up and running, it needs a lot of tweeking and will look great when finished. The old and the new sites will run side by side initially although very little is added to the old one just historical information. 

Keep Safe and Well. 


March 2020

Now we are at our new home after the demise of the Weald Inn We hope we have settled down as it is our AGM at our April Meeting. Will try and keep it short. It is Business as usual if I do not here differently. All our committee members are still prepared to stand for a further year and we would like to add Phil Faben to our ranks. So we have Fred Bone (Chair) Bob Martin (Vice Chair). Judith Bone (Hon Sec). Ian Renshaw (Treasurer), Nick Wilmore events, Tony Boyle, and adding Phil Faben Webmaster/ Promotions.


March 2020 Update.

Had our first virtual club meeting today with 8 members. It went very well for over an hour. We now have to come up with a theme for the next one next week. Any ideas please let me know. Also let me know if you would like to be involved. The Theme is now Macro or small images

 Sorry due to Coronavirus ALL Club meetings including Breakfasts and Drive and dines are cancelled until  further notice. 18.03.2020

Sorry due to Coronavirus our Drive and Dine on  Tuesday 17th March has been cancelled. 

Tony is refunding the payments

Now we are at our new home after the demise of the Weald Inn We hope we have settled down as it is our AGM at our April Meeting. Will try and keep it short. It is Business as usual if I do not here differently. All our committee members are still prepared to stand for a further year and we would like to add Phil Faben to our ranks. So the officers are Fred Bone (Chair) Bob Martin (Vice Chair). Judith Bone (Hon Sec). Ian Renshaw (Treasurer), Nick Wilmore (Events,) Tony Boyle,( Drive and Dine) adding Phil Faben (Webmaster/ Promotions). If you have an interest in joining the committee please let a member of the committee know.

Looking forward to our 2020 season with plenty of events to get involved in

                          February 2020 Update.      

As you are aware we have lost our Club Venue of the last 4 Years and we have to move on. After our membership vote on 2 offers we were offered we accepted the kind invitation to what is now our new home at the WOOLPACK INN. Howard Way, Burgess Hill. RH15 8NN.

It will be business as usual with a designated area inside and a designated parking area in the summer for our pride and joys.

The one change is that the Woolpack provides good honest pub food, so if you fancy getting there a little early and enjoying a meal with us. mention you are a Weald Classic Vehicle Club Member and you will be entitled to our privileged 10% discount on food. So please support the venue.

First meeting being Tuesday 10th March 2020. Start is 7.30 pm if you would like to eat 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm. would be good. For the first meeting it will be a noggin and natter evening to allow us to settle in. If you are not aware our new landlord Lance is keen on Classic cars and runs a car show once a year at our new home. 

Due to popular demand we are returning to our old venue of the Heaven Tea Rooms for our Breakfast this Sunday 9.15 am post code for new attendees is TN22 3RG. looking forward to seeing you. It is a double header for those who fancy it as there is a Marques at Spencers Brunch at Ticehurst from 10.30 am onward, If you have not been well worth a visit. Postcode  TN5 7HA. 

Further to our excellent breakfast we have decided to venture back to the Orchard Restaurant Cowfold Road, West Grinstead, West Sussex, RH13 8LY

for the March D n D.

Date...Tuesday 17th March 7 for 7.30 sit down.

Menu choices

Lasagne with chips and salad

Deep fried scampi with chips and peas or salad

Chicken and mushroom shortcrust pie with veg and chips or new pots

Stuffed lambs breast with sausage meat and herb stuffing. Served with veg and new pots

To include standard tea and coffee 

Price £14 each

Usual booking requirements tony or linda on 01273 833144 or



               January 2020 News Update.

A good January meeting was held well attended in spite of the weather. A big thank you for the support given by a number of members and friends well supported by WSJEC to the ESJEC Goodwood Presentation. (Nothing worse than having more presenters than listeners.) The food, presentation and company were excellent.

Our Breakfast at the Orchards Restaurant went down well on Saturday and we are considering going back your thought would be welcome.

We are still looking forward to our Post Christmas Lunch at the Thatch Saturday 25th January.

Tony has arrange the event below as our February Drive and Dive Please respond to Tony and Linda as usual.

Hi everyone.

If you fancy a curry at the end of Feb why not join the club at the Masala Club restaurant in Burgess Hill.

Tuesday 26th Feb It is a small venue so space will be limited. It is their Banquet menu as we have had before

The cost is £12.50 per person. As before you pay at the restaurant on arrival., so all I need is numbers please.

Be there at 7 o'clock as all meals are ordered on the night. 

Please contact Tony & Linda Boyle 01273 833144,

Hello fellow members.

Welcome to the 2020 Season. Finished off well with our Xmas lunch and we still have our Post Christmas Lunch at the Thatched Inn to look forward to Saturday 25th January 7.00. for 7.30 pm .

We have our first Club night of 2020 at the Weald Inn this coming Tuesday 14th 7.30 pm. a noggin and natter evening. Looking forward to see you there.

Our Monthly club breakfast for January is at a changed venue due to Heaven Farm having a holiday. This month it will be held at the Orchard Family Restaurant, Cowfold Road, West Grinstead, RH13 8LY. 9.15 / 9.30 am. Sunday 19th Jan. Very comparable prices and good ambience. I will be requesting a show of hands on Tuesday just to give the staff an idea of numbers. Judith and I personally toured the local area and in our opinion this was right for our club.

We are looking for suggestions for club night entertainment for 2020 and any venues we could perhaps visit after our breakfast meetings on a nice summer Sunday.  

November 2019.

As we near the end of another very successful season with our Pride and Joys we move into the winter months. Where I hope we the committee can offer some club night activities and events to cheer us up in the dark periods.

As you are all probably aware we lost our publicans Bob and Chrissie  Martin to retirement, but the position of Vice Chair is still held by Bob and their continued presents is assured.

​ Our Breakfasts have now been suspended until February but do not despair we are doing our Heaven Farm Xmas Lunch on Sunday 22nd December (Still a couple of places available if you wish to join us. Our Drive and Dine is very popular and well supported, it continues throughout the winter season in November it is at the Green Man, Ringmer

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You All for your support and wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous and safe 2020 from myself and the committee. Without you it would not work. I have enjoyed 2019 with our Weald members very much and look forward to 2020 with all my WCVC friends.

The committee are busy looking to re brand the club Logo and promotion material as the ones we have now are getting a little dated and we should move on. Any ideas at this early stage please let me know. However we do have a great graphic design team in our membership who has been offering great Ideas and working hard on the project. Thank you team Chloe, Luke, Phil and Nick.

Chailey Heritage

It was good to hear our 2019 charity made around £300. From our Classic in the Town event sorry it was not a little better but the weather was inclement.

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Enjoyed our nclub drive and dine on Tuesday thanks to Tony and Linda

At the Hare and Hounds

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Added by Nick Willmore September 2019

Thanks to everyone that braved the morning to make Classics in Town a great event that was appreciated by Councillors, visitors and traders alike. A really special range of vehicles with a good pre war showing of bikes, cars and commercials and a strong showing of sports cars from the 60 to the present.

None of this would have been possible without the support of the Town Council and Deputy Town Mayor, Cllr Ann Eves.

Also massive thanks to Fred Steve and Phil and all the other marshals that contributed to a smoothly run event.

Whilst numbers were not as good due to the weather it was well attended which I hope made a difference to Chailey Heritage and the St Andrews Scouts. I will let you know later what was raised.

And finally thanks to Steve and colleagues from Burgess Hill Radio who entertained us all day, don’t forget they are your local station and depend on your donations and support to keep going.

Thanks to you all, club members, exhibitors and visitors - hope to see you again next year.

Nick Willmore

AGM News 2019

the AGM for 2020 is delayed until September, the 2019 committee will remain

Weald AGM Chairman report 2019.

Good evening Welcome to the 2019 Club AGM.

We have sent out invites and made nomination forms available for the members to submit. Committee members to join us and they will be mentioned in item no 4 If appropriate. I am sorry that this AGM will not be running to protocole as I was not present last year and have no minutes or record of the event. I have 2017.

Well we are here again. I never thought when I came in to Bobs pub in the back at the beginning when four of us sat in the corner to see if we could get a small group together for the BH U3A. with interest in Classic cars, non of us had classic cars. Small problem !!! Bob stepped in and offered to do a talk on his Vincent Black Shadow. Hence the Classic Vehicle club we now boast a coach and fire engine. And the rest as they say is history. Thanks to every member for there participation and support.

Now over to the treasurer.

Unfortunately Ian has work commitments and cannot do his report. I have posted and distributed the accounts as given to me. But any questions must be addressed to Ian. Its all numbers to me. One thing you will notice as I did there is no Public Liability insurance is shown due to my being in Australia last year when it was due and I can assure you it was paid by me but as yet not reclaimed.

2019 Committee are

Chair                                            Frederick Bone

Vice Chair                                   Bob Martin

Secretary                                   Judith Bone

Treasurer                                   Ian Renshaw

Drive & Dine coordinator        Tony & Linda Boyle

Club Event coordinator           Nick Willmore

Assistant events coordinator  Stephen Everest.

All can be reached through our Weald mail address or website