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Hello Fellow members we are now under even more Covid 19 restrictions and it has therefore delayed our getting together after a very good Garden Dinner at the Woolpack. The Heaven Stable Tea Rooms are open and will accept bookings of individuals within the Covid 19 conditions and space tables to allow us to have breakfast together at Social distance spacing. If you book mention me and they will sort the seating arrangements. This is on the premise that if you can sit in a restaurant with strangers at a social distance you can sit with members providing you keep to the rules. Your views would be appreciated
Hello Fellow members.
Hope this find every one well. Time goes on and we are still missing our regular meetings due to these difficult times.
Our Next Monthly Zoom meeting is this Tuesday 11th August at 7.30 pm. Once again kindly hosted by the Ian Newman of the Jaguar Enthuiasts Club. The line will be open shortly before start time. The Topic is All members are invited to submit images of their pride and joys taken some where nice. (On top of a mountain, in a valley, on the coast, at a car show) at any time with a brief explanation. Entries Via email. Please. or our  addresses By lunchtime on the 11th please.

 Sorry there is not much happening therefore social media is more important than ever as a means of staying in touch.

Our Webmaster Phil Faben has been working hard to put together the new website. It is now down to the members to supply content for it. (Big thank you for your hard work Phil) Please submit anything you think warrants a mention on the site, please send it to Editorials, Things of interest, Images of past events or your Cars. Please view the site as often as you can to get it up Google ratings.

We are unable to organise club meetings. We do have our Zoom virtual club meeting on our club evenings. and look forward to when we can meet at our new club venue. If anyone has any ideas for content for the Zoom meetings would be appreciated. Our Breakfast venue is open for business and are very happy to accommodate our members. You do have to book in advance and individually direct with Heaven Tea Rooms. I have booked for 10 am Sunday 16th August 2020.

last month Ruth kept the barn for us to maintain social distancing. 

 You must book as individuals  01825 790888.

Please stay safe. Fred (Chair)

Our July Zoom meeting went well, constructed of 2 parts.

Firstly. We had a fun competition of spot the

vehicle from images of parts of the vehicle, and the answers given, followed with a brief description by the provider. A number of members suggested we repeat this item soon. Other suggestions were Photos of our past Drive and Dines. Photos of past events visited by members other than our local Burgess Hill ones. Photos from past events. Secondly. Was a short constructive debate on how to encourage new and especially younger members to join the club. How do we higher our profile.         Ideas from the attending members were Visit to our website to bring entry further up GOOGLE. Invite other to view website - A6 hand outs to put on window screen of parked classics when seen - Advertising on Media - Facebook- Local papers - Living magazine - mention it to members of other clubs when meeting up - Invite local related business to join in with adverts and support - talk to people about the club. It is an enthusiasts club not an owners club. Any other ideas please let a committee member know.It was also discussed as to when we will be able to get together as a group again. It was decided to wait a little longer for the government guideline to be more specific and continue with the Zoom meeting for August. The Club received a request from Edward House Care Home, Mill Road. Burgess Hill. To provide 3 cars for their 50/60 themed entertainment on Friday 17th July for the residents by the staff. Three members kindly stepped up. Les Steegles. Mick Pepper. and Nick Willmore. Many Thanks to them.
Regards. Fred (Chair)

We have recently heard that our home Pub the WOOLPACK INN is opening on the 27th July. However I recommend that the club still respects the government guide lines and do not assemble as a group. If you feel you would like to visit as an individual it is requested that you phone and book before arrival. 01444 254178. 

The Heaven Tea Rooms are open from 4th July 2020, once again no club group visits but please feel free to make a personal visit
Pre Booking is required as again government guidelines are in place.01825 790888. Both venues will be pleased to see you.
If you do attend either of the venues please try and take a photo for us to use on the website (As you will appreciate we cannot use all of the photo but please do not let this put you off). Send it to
We are still holding our Club Night Zoom meetings so please join us if you can.    Posted by Fred (chair)

Surveys and Petitions

Weald Classic Vehicle Club Survey
This website has been live for one month and there has been some input from a few members.  The club news in the other column has some ideas on how to raise the club profile.
Please would club members email me, Phil (webmaster) on our Contact Us page to give ideas on how to promote the club. 
I have also asked for photos and text on past events and meetings, as yet little forthcoming. Thanks to those who have sent me content.
Maderia Drive events saved

Eventageous  Automotive PR Agency  Product and Event PR

Crowds have descended on Madeira Drive in Brighton for more than a century to witness events such as the Speed Trials and Veteran Car Run. But the future of these city events was thrown into doubt when the seafront road was closed to cars during lockdown.                               

With ongoing proposals to extend the closure, Brighton and Hove City Council said it could not pledge its "unequivocal support" for the events.  The Argus

Now, with the confirmation that events will return to the road, Cllr Nemeth has spoken of his delight at the decision. He said: "I’m pleased we’ve put the brakes on Labour’s plan and I welcome confirmation that the future of motoring events on Madeira Drive is now secure.

"It’s a win for the Old Crocks, the Speed Trials, the mods, the rockers, the Minis and all of the other loved motoring events that take place on Madeira Drive.

It should never have had to come to this. These events bring in millions of pounds in tourism revenue every year and are a key part of the fabric of the city.

They are valued by our city’s residents and one of the highest-signed petitions of all time to the council was to save the Speed Trials

The Argus

Petition to stop the Permanent closure of Madeira Drive Brighton  

It is being suggested that Madeira Drive remains permanently closed to Motor Vehicles. That would stop all forms of motoring events taking place in the future.

The petition was a success, thanks to all that took part.

Historic car survey

The term historic vehicle is used to describe all vehicles that are 30 years of age or older i.e. 1990 or prior, and we are referring to cars, motorcycles, buses, coaches, lorries, vans, agricultural, steam and military vehicles.  Please take part in the survey here
 Posted by Andy Stowe (WCVC member)

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